The White House Holiday Tour

How do you decorate for the holidays? Do you tune your coordinated exterior lights to the beat of a radio station? Do you proudly display a leg lamp, similar to that seen in A Christmas Story, in your front room? Perhaps you have a preference for white decorations over traditional red? Whatever your design tastes […]

What are the Benefits of Student Travel?

While most of us can agree on the importance and value of a good education, not all of us take the time to consider just how much more meaningful education becomes when coupled with experience: for experience is what happens when the four walls of the classroom are removed and the world is opened up […]

Travel Courtesy & Safety Rules

Every culture and people have their own set of courtesies, manners, and way of doing things; just like many speak different languages and eat different foods. So, while you are out on tour and visiting many of these new people and places, please be mindful of how your actions impact others and can help keep […]

10 Metro Stops for Washington, D.C.’s Top Attractions

Washington, D.C. offers some of the most iconic monuments, memorials, museums, and other attractions that America has to offer. If you’re visiting the nation’s capital, chances are pretty good that you’re looking forward to taking it all in. While DC’s roads can become congested, the extensive Metro (subway) system can be a great way to […]

How to Get Through Airport Security Faster

If you are among the 30.6 million people traveling by air this Thanksgiving holiday, you will likely experience excruciatingly long TSA security screening lines. To combat this, here are some tips to help make your wait as minimal, and as stress-free, as possible.

Educational Tours’ Travel Packing List

A guide to help you pack for a vacation, group tour, or other travel experience. This checklist features advice for general supplies and tips for airline travel.

10 Reasons to Use an NTA Tour Operator

The National Tour Association (NTA) has been one of the world’s leading travel organizations since its founding in 1951. Comprised of 2,000 members who represent all 50 states, every Canadian province, and more than 40 other countries, NTA has a presence everywhere you’ll go. Among these members are 650 tour operators who plan and execute […]

The Value of Hands-On Learning

Education is a very important part of every child’s life. In order to get a better grasp on some topics, hands on learning is needed. The use of hands on learning for elementary school children has proven to increase the level of retention that they have regarding certain information.

Benefits of Educational Tours for Adult Groups

Education through travel is different from education in a classroom where you are given material. Education through travel means experiencing it for yourself while creating long lasting memories. However, students are not the only ones who can benefit from educational tours. Educational tours for adults are becoming more and more popular for those who are […]