10 Reasons to Use an NTA Tour Operator

The National Tour Association (NTA) has been one of the world’s leading travel organizations since its founding in 1951. Comprised of 2,000 members who represent all 50 states, every Canadian province, and more than 40 other countries, NTA has a presence everywhere you’ll go. Among these members are 650 tour operators who plan and execute trips to every corner of the globe. This vast network of travel professionals can be a great benefit to you for the following reasons:

  1. Connections: NTA tour operators are part of a network of tourism professionals who package or represent attractions and destinations throughout the world.
  2. Experience: NTA tour operators have been in business an average of 23 years (Educational Tours has been in business even longer – since 1974) and are among the most knowledgeable in the industry.
  3. Protection: NTA tour operators are required to carry a minimum of $1 million in general liability insurance (Educational Tours carries even more…much more).
  4. Numbers: NTA tour operators have access to competitive pricing due to the volume of business they do and their industry relationships.
  5. Customization: Most NTA tour operators customize packages for groups based on specific interests and needs.
  6. Timing: NTA tour operators understand how to plan activities, meals, and free time throughout an itinerary so your group is satisfied and comfortable.
  7. Details: When planning and executing a successful tour, NTA operators manage crucial details that a less-experienced travel planner might never consider.
  8. Teamwork: NTA tour operators have access to experienced tour directors who handle all the logistics so you can enjoy your time with your group.
  9. Trust: An NTA tour operator will find out exactly what you want and put it all together, which allows you to focus on other areas of trip management.
  10. Wow factor: Every day NTA members throughout the world are creating new, inspiring experiences with leisure group travelers in mind.

*Information provided by the National Tour Association.

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