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everything you need to know before Booking With ET Tours

Program Questions

The teacher/tour leader who is sponsoring the tour will be the tour director.

The teacher/tour leader determines how many chaperones are needed and who will be chaperoning.

You may call Educational Tours on our 800 number 24/7 to reach your child.

We offer optional supplemental travel insurance to each person on tour through a third party. The optional insurance form will be mailed to each participant after receiving your initial deposit and application in a Welcome Pack.

We will make every effort to work with each dietary restriction.

The tour leader usually sees a rough draft about 2 months prior to departure. The guests typically get the final itinerary about 4 weeks prior to the tour. The tour leader decides how to distribute those.

You may in writing ask for special air deviations. We will check and advise as to differentiation in cost.

You may wish to use your miles and line up your own air. Mark the application as a “less air” participant.

We send suggested packing lists to the director, which they share at parent informational meetings.

We recommend that students bring one suitcase and one carry-on bag. Please remember that students are required to carry their own luggage at times, so keep the weight manageable. The cost for checking baggage is not included in the program price, and travelers should be prepared to pay these fees upon check-in for both departing and returning flights. Please check your airline’s website prior to travel for up-to-date information regarding these fees.

The medical release form is mailed to each participant in the Welcome Pack and should go to the tour director prior to trip departure.

School ID for students, drivers licenses for students over 16, and government issued ID’s for all adults. Birth certificates for all cruises beginning and ending in US ports.

Your child should have enough money for lunch daily and for any incidentals such as souvenirs. In most cases, all activities and most meals are included.

Depending on the date of cancellation we may be able to replace someone on a tour. Please call for specifics.

Registration Questions

The tour leader makes the decision as to how adults can be included in the tour. See the tour leader for details.

The tour leader makes the decision as to how chaperones will be selected. See the tour leader for details.

Base price is 4 sharing cost of room. Single, Double, and Triple room supplement charges are figured on each tour as an option.

We offer a “less air” package for those with special air considerations. Your air must match the group air so the group is not inconvenienced.

Pay cash discounted tour deposits as scheduled on the brochure, or pay the full amount with a credit card by the first deposit due date.

You may call our office to make special payment arrangements.

We offer a payment schedule for each tour that is a cash discounted price. If you wish to use a credit card, you must pay for the tour in full and then make the necessary payments to your credit card company.

For your protection, and ours, we require an original signature authorizing us to use your credit card for your full tour payment.

You may make a payment online with a credit card. Payments can be made on this page. Please have your trip information handy as it will be required to complete the payment. Also note that all credit card charges will be assessed a 4% processing fees. If you need help completing your payment please call our office. 

Per the tour brochure, under terms and conditions, the non-refundable processing fee is posted and the cancellation policy is listed as well.

The tour package is an all inclusive tour. Please see the tour brochure for the tour inclusions.

Please review the cancel policy on the back panel of the terms and conditions. We require a written notice by mail, email, or fax notifying us of your decision to cancel.

Depending on the date of cancellation we may be able to replace someone on a tour. Please call for specifics.

How It Works


Call Us

Call us toll-free at (800) 574-3898. We will discuss your travel ideas and gather the information needed to customize a tour to your specifications. Because we do not have a catalog with dates that we try to fill, your tour will be perfectly tailored to you.


No-Obligation Quote

We will prepare a sample brochure outlining your tour as discussed, give you a no-obligation quote, and work with you to get your tour exactly the way you want it. Once you have approved your trip, we will print and send you tour brochures to distribute to interested participants and tour posters to assist in promotion.


Enroll Students/Participants

Enroll students/participants. You’ve taught your students about the world—now make the world their classroom. With Educational Tours, you can revisit your curriculum with your students, but this time you can do it in person. Help your class see, do, and learn things they never could from a textbook. Enroll just 12 students and your spot is covered. Other options are also available to help you and other chaperones enjoy a complimentary trip.


Deposits and Applications

Collect and then send us the first deposits and applications.


Let us Handle the Rest

Before you leave for your tour, we will be busy with the following:

Make an Online Payment

We do not accept debit cards for online payments.  If you want to pay from an account linked to a debit card, please pay using the “ACH Payment” link or send a check via US mail.  By continuing with your online card payment, you confirm the card being used is a credit card.