Hello everyone, 

We are excited to reach out to each of you, as the world begins to “re-open” and let you know that we have resumed safe travel! We know that many of you are getting excited as well.

We want to let you know that here at Educational Tours, we are all thrilled to assist you in your future travel plans and are excited to let travelers know that we are committed to helping you safely resume your adventures. 

Our team will follow these guidelines while traveling with groups and we invite our fellow travelers everywhere to do the same. 

Do not travel if you are sick or unwell. It's ok to stay. We'll catch you next time.

Wear a mask and follow current PPE Guidelines while traveling.

Follow All Travel Advisories from Regulatory Agencies.

As we work together to asdjust to this “New Normal” we look forward to a bright future and being able to share many more wonderful and exciting adventures with each of you.

Gather up your gear and lets get back out there!

Sincerely, Educational Tours

Click on the image above to be connected to the most current CDC Travel Notices, Guidelines and Travel Recommendations.

Travel tips to help you navigate the new normal as we safely resume adventuring:

Bring a Mask

In fact, bring a few incase you end up needing an extra one due to damage or yours becomes dirty. Having both disposable masks and a washable mask for each traveler is a really good idea. Masks are a must in traveling today. Here are some helpful hints that may make it a little easier for you.

1. Consider wearing a disposable mask during your flight or while attending other" heavily crowded" areas and events and them dispose of it directly afterwards.
2. Bring a "washable" or cloth mask that you can replace"filters" in if needed or "hand wash" during your adventure, as it becomes necessary. Keeping your mask clean is an essential part of PPE practices.

No matter what type of mask you are wearing, follow these guidelines.:

Wash your hands BEFORE putting your face covering on. If you don't have access to wash your hands with soap and water, use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer.
Put the mask over your nose and mouth and secure it under your chin. It is not being properly worn or providing proper safety if both your nose and mouth are not covered.
Try to have the mask fit snuggly against the sides of your face. A "loosey-goosey" approach is not recommended, nor does it offer proper safety.
Make sure you can breathe easily. All masks warn should be made of breathable material and worn in a manner that allows you to breathe normally and easily.

Bring Hand Sanitizer

In your travels you are going to come in contact with many "touch points". It is inevitable and impossible not to share surfaces with other travelers and individuals who are also out and about. You will likely come into contact with doors, handles, arm rests, etc. that others have also come into contact with. Not to mention looking at "this" or "that" while searching for the perfect souvenir or keep sake to take home. You will not always have access to a sink, so having hand sanitizer ready and accessible, is highly recommended.

What is the correct way of cleaning your hands with hand sanitizer?

1. Remove all organic matter from your hands
2. Apply a dime sized amount of waterless hand sanitizer to the palm of one hand and rub hands together. Cover all surfaces of the hands and fingers. Alcohol based hand sanitizer is the best. The CDC recommends using one that has 60% alcohol content to kill germs.
3. Rub until the waterless hand sanitizer is fully absorbed.

Do NOT blow on your hands to dry them. Let the hand sanitizer fully absorb and dry on its own.

Bring Sanitizing/Disinfecting Wipes

Most people and vendors have amped up and stepped up their practices and policies to enhance their health and safety measures for consumers, but having an extra set of wipes ready to use is a really great idea!

Bring a Pencil or Pen

We know. It sounds simple. But having your own pen or pencil means you don't have to use one that may have been already shared with who knows how many other travelers. So, whether you're signing a receipt for a transaction or purchase or putting down your "John Hancock" while checking in or out, please bring your own.

Bring a Smartphone

Most travelers have smartphones and it has never been so important and essential as it is now. Many vendors, including restaurants are switching things up and going touchless by providing important materials like menus or travel itineraries and other items available via QR codes, that will be scanned or accessed right from their photo, custom app or made accessible to travelers or consumers by accessing them directly from their website etc.

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